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Expanded Metal Mesh Sheet For Fencing

Plane solid sheets or plates of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, silver, nickel and a variety of nickel alloys are used for the production of expanded metal. As the expanded metal is fabricated from a metal sheet and it is not

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Sintered metal filter solutions

Heanjia Super-Metals is a global leader in the production and supply of filtration and separation products. We have a manufacturing unit in China and sales branch in America to connect with channels across the planet. Our specialization is extensive and

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Super alloys for Rocket engine parts

The consistency of rocket engine and its parts is based on the several factors. A concurrent engineering approach topped with regular design reviews can be safeguard. The production of components directly influences their reliability. Manufacturing and material flaws can be

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High temperature Applications of Kanthal alloy

Kanthal heating wire is widely used as the heating materials. The variety of Kanthal resistance heating wires and strips are used in the different grades and sizes for particular applications that result in the expected performance of products. The embedded

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Stainless steel Welded wire mesh specification

Stainless steel Welded wire mesh specification   ALLOY CTC DISTANCE WIRE SIZE ROLL SIZE DWT DESCRIPTION WEIGHT PER SQ. FT. BASED ON CARBON STEEL % OF OPEN AREA CARBON STEEL GAW ¼ inch X ¼ inch .028 inch 24 inch

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Twill Weave Wire Mesh-Specification

 Twill Weave Wire Mesh Mesh/inch Wire dia Aperture Open area % Weight (lb) per 100 square foot Inch Mm Inch Mm 1 x 1 .080 Inch 2.03 Mm .920 Inch 23.37 Mm 84.6 % 41.1 2 x 2 .063 Inch

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Plain Weave Wire mesh-Size Chart

Plain Weave Wire mesh-Size Chart Part Mesh per inch (25.4 mm) Mesh opening, mm Wire dia, mm Wire dia, inches ( 25.4 mm) Weight (lbs/100 sq.ft) Open area % 10370020 500 .025 mm .025 mm .0010 inch 3.8 25 %

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Monel alloy Wire Mesh- Specification Chart

Monel alloy wire mesh is a strong metal insulation, sheath, attributing various kinds of excellent resistance properties. This strong mesh retains its strength and physical properties even when it comes in contact with the extremely high temperatures. Its versatility enables

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Wiremesh filter cloth Size

 Wiremesh filter cloth Size Weight (g/m2 Thickness (mm) Air permeability (l/m2.s) Density (pcs/10 cm) Breaking strength (N/5 x 20 cm) Elongation Weave Warp Weft Warp Weft Warp Weft 540 .85 818 788 228 5340 2258 28.7 24.6 Twill 355 .64

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Round perforated sheet-Specification chart

Round perforated sheet-Specification chart Material Sheet size 1000 x 2000 Sheet size 1250 x 1250 Sheet size 1500 x 3000 Open area Scale Hole diameter Staggered pitch Thickness in mm Steel 5 27.99 % 1:1 5 mm 9 mm Pre-galv.

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