High temperature Applications of Kanthal alloy

Kanthal heating wire is widely used as the heating materials. The variety of Kanthal resistance heating wires and strips are used in the different grades and sizes for particular applications that result in the expected performance of products.

The embedded elements of kanthal are listed as Cartridge elements or Powder filled materials, groove coil, mica materials, metal covered tubular elements, heating wires and ceramic elements. The supporting materials made of kanthal are ceramic cartridge heaters, quartz tube materials. Kanthal is used in the suspended materials like bead insulated coils, string materials, open mica elements, coils submerged in water, straight wires. The conductive wire usually made of magnet is used for audio coils.

A Kanthal wire is introduced in the circular wire and straight wires for different audio coil purposes such as megaphones, microphones, stereo loudspeakers and others. It is also used in manufacturing various kinds of glass. For example float glass, fiber glass, glass pots, glass vessels and glass arts. Various other materials in which kanthal forms are used in their production are annealing lehrs, glass fusion, fiber glass, glass hardening furnaces, glass curving furnaces, vessel furnaces in the open, close and scalp forms, glass feeders and glass ampoule sealing.

The Kanthal alloys are also used in the production of conventional ceramics, performance ceramics and those used in the engineering products such as casting of ceramics, sintering, firing, coating, heat processing of ceramics and sacking of refractories. In wire form, it is used in the heat processing of different materials like steel alloys, aluminum and other materials. Kanthal heating elements are used in furnaces made for different purposes and work under different ranges of temperatures like annealing furnace, carburizing furnace, galvanizing furnace, sintering furnace and hardening furnace.

Kanthal is made for working in the very high temperatures in the reduction, oxidation and neutralizing temperatures, adding to obtain largest heat flux and minimizing the processing period. Its forms are made to process up to 1850 degree C or 3360 degree F.

Kanthal Wire is categorized on the base of their applications such as defrosting wires, heating wires, large temperature processing wires, sealed MgO wires, radio sealed and thermocoupling wires.

Different kanthal materials are designed for the different kinds of carburizing furnaces, to perform at the very high temperatures. In the thermostatic applications, these elements are used in the wide range of operations under the temperature signal and limits for electromotive devices and engines. The popular operations in which thermostatic parts made of kanthal are used: electricity and potential regulators, fire alarm, indicator, overheating security, thermometer and thermostats.


Isha Changotra has wide experience in metals industry and is working for a renowned super alloys manufacturer located in China and United States. With extensive insight in metals and high performance super alloys, she aims to provide most useful information for folks engaged under this niche.

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