Physical characteristics of Copper-Nickel Cu70/Ni30 alloy

The tolerance limits of composition of Copper Nickel alloys chosen in the various parts of the world are not identical as those mentioned in EN and earlier national standards in the all cases. Therefore the following table shows the comparison of the almost related materials designed for various countries of Cu-Ni alloys.

Sign Series Chemical Composition (Mass %)
CuNi10Fe1Mn1-C2 CC380H 10 Ni; 1.5 Fe; 1 Mn; max. 1.0 Nb; max. 0.10 Si; Rem. Cu
CuNi30Fe1Mn1-C CC381H 30 Ni; 1 Fe; 1 Mn; 0.5 Si; Rem. Cu
CuNi30Cr2FeMnSi-C CC382H 30 Ni, 2 Cr, 1 Fe, 1 Mn, 0,5 Si, 0,25 Ti, 0,15 Zr
CuNi30Fe1Mn1NbSi-C CC383H 30 Ni; 1 Fe; 1 Mn; 0.75 Nb; 0.5 Si; Rem. Cu

The contraction value of Cu90Ni10 alloy is 1.9 to 2% is considered while making patterns. As per earlier DIN 17658 for welding casting the niobium value is more than 1.55 and silicon 0.1%.

The assessment of relative material designations on the various nations:

Europe EN Germany DIN Great Britain BS2 France NF3 USA UNS1 International Stand-ardization ISO4
CuNi9Sn2 CuNi9Sn2 C 72500 CuNi9Sn2
CuNi10Fe1-Mn CuNi10Fe1Mn CN 102 CuNi10Fe1Mn C 70600 CuNi10Fe1Mn
CuNi25 CuNi25 CN 105 CuNi25 C 71300 CuNi25
CuNi30Mn1-Fe CuNi30Mn1Fe CN 107 CuNi30Mn1Fe C 71500 CuNi30Mn1Fe
CuNi30Fe2-Mn2 CuNi30Fe2Mn2 CN 108 CuNi30Fe2Mn2 C 71640 CuNi30Fe2Mn2
CuNi44Mn1 CuNi44Mn1 CuNi44 C 72150 CuNi44Mn1
CuNi10Fe1-Mn1-C G-CuNi10 C 96200
CuNi30Fe1-Mn1-C ? ?

The Cu90/Ni10 alloy shows exciting features such as physical properties, mechanical features, under regular loading at the high temperatures along with the excellent resistance to corrosion in the variety of sources particularly in the sea water. The features of Copper Nickel alloys are not sufficient for various operations. The particular features of Cu-Ni alloy can be appreciably increased by adding different elements. The additional elements may be manganese, ferrous, tin, niobium and silicon are significant from the technical view. Moreover chromium, beryllium and aluminum are also essential.

Symbol EN Melting range oC Electrical conductivity at 20°C
(m/Ω . mm2)
Thermal conductivity at 20°C W/(m . K) Coeff. of expansion
(25 to 300°C)
Elastic modulus
CuNi9Sn2 1060-1130 6.4 48 17.6 140
CuNi10Fe1Mn3 1100-1145 5.3 46 17.0 130
CuNi25 1150-1210 3.1 29 15.5 145
CuNi30Mn1Fe3 1180-1240 2.7 29 16.0 150
CuNi30Fe2Mn2 1160-1240 2.0 21 15.0 140

The physical properties of Copper-Nickel Cu70/Ni30 are shown as following:

Symbol Density at 20°C
Solidus temp °C Specific heat at 20°C
J/(g . K)
Thermal conductivity at 20°C
W/(m . K)
Mean of coefficient expansion Thermo-electric voltage versus copper
CuNi2 8.9 1090 0.38 130 16.5 17.5 -15
CuNi6 8.9 1095 0.38 92 16 17.5 -20
CuNi10 8.9 1100 0.38 59 16 17.5 -25
CuNi23Mn 8.9 1150 0.37 33 16 17.5 -30
CuNi30Mn 8.8 1180 0.40 25 14.5 16 -25

The nickel puts remarkable effect on the shade of Cu-Ni alloy. The shade of copper lightens with the addition of nickel. The alloy shows silvery white color while containing 15% nickel. The shine and cleanliness of alloy color increases with addition of nickel from 40% nickel, a coated surface can be rarely differentiated from the silver.


Isha Changotra has wide experience in metals industry and is working for a renowned super alloys manufacturer located in China and United States. With extensive insight in metals and high performance super alloys, she aims to provide most useful information for folks engaged under this niche.

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