Slash back in the Nickel prices in the World Market

The nickel miners are planning to sustain the production regardless of the emerging need of glut supply and low price of Nickel in the past four years, increasing the threat of more writedown and losses being unveiled in the present economical reporting time.

The Eramet of France has reported the first half operation thrashing and advised that the next half would be awful due to poor nickel rates however the popular producers like Vale Sa, BHP Billiton said to report in the incoming weeks. From the quarter to mid of the nickel region might be facing loss revealed after the corporate analysis, strike by poor demand from China, the largest producer and consumer of stainless steel in the world.  Nickel is the primary component required to produce stainless steel.

Nonetheless few mining companies have extensively cut back in the output and the process is more stressing on the depressed rates. An analyst in London Robin Bhar commented that it was a shareing contest in which no one wished to become the first to receive the pain. In the three months of year 2009, the nickel price has reached to $13, 205 per ton in London and ended at $19000. The nickel is the awful performer or exchange in this year such that it was down by 20%. The analyst further said he thought to get more chances to see the write downs and more closures.

The market is facing flood with registered stocks in LME warehouses at the recorded value of 200 tonnes however the Macquarie bank demonstrates that the nickel supply would be increased by 4.1% or 1.845 million tonnes. However at several mining regions the nickel wire producers are following lower operation cost by increasing the production rate. The Canada’s first Quantum minerals Ltd has mined 3rd more nickel in the quarter of June whereas the western Area Ltd has only recorded economic year in 2012-2013. Instead of controlling the output to lower the costs, the Australian’s company’s senior management has made 10 to 20% pay deductions. The fellow Australian Mincor resources NL has beaten its direction and maintained production for next year. Moreover regardless of becoming the one of the BHP Billiton’s nominal beneficial businesses, the 3rd largest nickel region has only face 2000 tonnes cut back in the quarterly manufacturing from the recent years.

Pining Hopes on Indonesia:

Minimizing the output has restricted to purchase the Nickel Wire assets with the market in the hope to become leading superfluous in this year. Since the manufacturing rate of China slows down, the nickel market has made double hits. The Chinese stainless steel factories are turning away from the high purity metals to reduce the expenditures. However they are using the cheap material like nickel pig iron from the laterite ore that has limited amount of nickel in the furnaces.

The Macquarie and Citi has cut back in their nickel cost in this year that 7 to 14% for Macquarie and 15 to 12% for City regions.


Isha Changotra has wide experience in metals industry and is working for a renowned super alloys manufacturer located in China and United States. With extensive insight in metals and high performance super alloys, she aims to provide most useful information for folks engaged under this niche.

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