Functions of Nichrome in the Heating Equipments

The heating element is the chief part of every heating device works by using electricity. Varying from the hair dryers to toasters or ovens and corporate iron smelts, basically an electrical heating element supports each device to achieve an appropriate temperature. The Nichrome wire perform the best role being the heating wire. Various other heating elements consist of metallic elements, amalgam and various others though all work on the same principle. Apart of nichrome there are also other heating elements featured with unique properties to enhance the heating process.

Basically heating element is a material that allows the electricity to pass through it and offers certain resistance that produces heat. The amount of heat produced depends on the magnitude of current passes through the heating elements and the magnitude of resistance offered by the element wire such if a heating wire allows maximum current to pass through it then it cannot produce much heat due to its low resistance property. On the other side a nichrome wire offers higher resistance to the current passing through it thus results in production of large amount of heat.

The nichrome wire is commonly used in the home appliances and it is introduced in the several home devices. Popular heating items toaster, hair dryers and ovens equip with nichrome coils to allow the flow of current and produce heat. Nichrome alloy consists of 80% nickel and only 20% chromium though with the addition of little concentration of chromium the resistance property of nickel is appreciably enhanced that results in the highly resistive nichrome alloy. The alloy’s melting point is 1,400 degrees Celsius or (2,552 degrees Fahrenheit) that enables this alloy to become an excellent heating element.

The nichrome wire is purposed in the tubular heating elements. The firmly coiled wire has a capacity to accumulate huge amount of heat even becoming the compact element when it is used under elevated temperatures. The bend bar of electric stove is the popular illustration.

The ceramic heating element called as itself thermostat also consists of nichrome that controls the heating process. The ceramic heating material is characterized with a certain resistant temperature threshold that makes it to allow current only when it is cold but it doesn’t allow current to pass through in the hot condition. It enables the designers to achieve the highest temperature conveniently. This property is vitally used in the construction of materials like rear window defrosters in the automobiles.

The nichrome heating wire is required to get heated at the most temperature in certain processes like iron manufacturing that significantly use different heating materials. A heating element used on the industrial scale is constituted of elements including molybdenum, platinum or silicon carbide.  The elements used in the furnace processes perform under the extremely high temperatures and enable the industrial houses to melt tough metals in the liquid form to dispense them into molds to give certain shapes or use for various other purposes.


Isha Changotra has wide experience in metals industry and is working for a renowned super alloys manufacturer located in China and United States. With extensive insight in metals and high performance super alloys, she aims to provide most useful information for folks engaged under this niche.

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