Reputed Tungsten Accumulations Across the Globe

Tungsten is chiefly used in the production of cemented carbide that is an extremely tough material used in the various industrial sectors. China is one of the biggest manufacturer, trader and exporter and user of tungsten by which China’s has large impact on the international Tungsten market and their roles in Tungsten processes. In this post we will put brief light on the Tungsten’s features, applications and their effects on Chinese export market with its price.

Sangdong is the latest and upcoming Tungsten- Molybdenum project directed by Woulfe Mining company. Molybdenum metal is vastly used in manufacturing Molybdenum wire and Molybdenum sheet. The latest studies demonstrates the actual value of $400 million on this metal. On the other side, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathway had invested an amount of $70 million in woulfe mining project last year.

In west earth side, North American Tungsten is the largest contributor and manufacturer of Tungsten products and it has supported the Tungsten international market by  $90 million CDN. As compare to other Tungsten manufacturers in the present market, North American Tungsten has vital existence apart of China. News from NAT heard that the company has increased the target production during the previous 6 months.

Apart of Woulfe mining Corp, Wolf Minerals is one of the important small Tungsten production companies.  Wolf Mining has been recognized as an excellent Tungsten group in the Hemerdon property in Devon located in England and it is waiting to get the final authentication. It is heard that the company will begin the development in this year and it will be completed very soon.

Largo Resources is a Canada based company has own the Dancer property in North which is engaged in becoming the biggest Tungsten hub on the earth. It is compatible for meeting the 10% global needs of Tungsten at the least process cost.

Tungsten is used in manufacturing various products like Tungsten mesh, Tungsten rod, Tungsten Rod and Tungsten sheet. Apart of above there are various other industrial houses engaged in the research on Tungsten such as Malaga Inc with a property in Peru, this company is contributing by $25 million in the global tungsten market. The Adex Mining and Geodex Minerals Ltd is involved in the Tungsten mining in Canada and it is also growing noticeably.

Tungsten is a hard, dense and bright metal that produces corrosion resistive oxide coating. It offers grey color in the grinded form.  Featured with high melting point and boiling point properties, Tungsten has also large tensile strength nature. It offers ductile nature and very strong such that even the wires with little thickness offer high tensile strength.

Tungsten has earned large reputation in the industrial world. Used in the hard industrial applications, Tungsten has also significant use in the jewelry design. Tungsten Wire is used in the lamp’s filaments of coils and tri coiled light producing lamps, halogen lamp, and large temperature tolerant lamps. It is also used in the electron tubes.


Isha Changotra has wide experience in metals industry and is working for a renowned super alloys manufacturer located in China and United States. With extensive insight in metals and high performance super alloys, she aims to provide most useful information for folks engaged under this niche.

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