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How to Make Decision in the Heating System Element

There are several choices in the heating element category that are widely chosen for various ranges of heating operations. In this article the information is provided briefly to enable the users to choose the specific heating element like nichrome heating

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Factors that influence the Life of Heating Wire

The life of a heating element is basically depends on the temperature limit, environment and width of material like nichrome wire or strip. If you use large wire diameter and thicker strip, it will much timer to get oxidized so

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Nikrothal Alloy for Non Magnetic and Corrosion Resistive Procedures

Nikrothal TE is an excellent combination of austenitic nickel and chromium metals the resulted alloy has replaced the nikrothal 80 wire in the tubular element operations. Nikrothal TE consists of Nickel by 66% though nikrothal 80 consists of 78% of nickel.

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Way of using Nichrome wire in the Igniter

The Nichrome heating wire is a combination of nickel and chromium metals result into highly resistive nichrome alloy. This alloy has unique property of producing more resistance when current passes through it that makes it to glow red hot. In

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Nickel metal and its Isotopes

In the periodic table out of all the elements nickel is the critical metal that is magnetic at the standard temperature. Some other magnetic elements present in the periodic table are iron, cobalt and gadolinium etc. nickel has face centered

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Resistive nature of Nichrome Wire

The resistivity of a material determines its potential to resist the supply of current. The good electrical conductors are those have lower value of resistivity whereas the good insulators possess very large value of resistivty. In the chemistry world Nichrome

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Use of Nichrome strip for thermoelements

Nichrome, a superior combination of Nickel and Chromium is capable to dissolve other metals while conserving its plastic nature. Nickel is a corrosion and heat resistive metal in the fluid conditions. On the other side chromium is a heat resistive

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Slash back in the Nickel prices in the World Market

The nickel miners are planning to sustain the production regardless of the emerging need of glut supply and low price of Nickel in the past four years, increasing the threat of more writedown and losses being unveiled in the present economical

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Harmful Effects of Tungsten on the Soil Life

Since tungsten mesh has extremely high tensile strength and melting point hence it is used in various fields. In army guns and projectiles, wear-resistant equipment/goods, light bulb yarns and electron and television tubes, tungsten is applied in fundamental form, while

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Introduction to Hastelloy C-276

Hastelloy C-276 is constituted of Nickel in 57% concentration, Molybdenum in 16%, Chromium in 15.5%, Iron in 5.5% and tungsten in 3.8%.  The high performance alloy Hastelloy is produced in the following forms such as Hastelloy C-276 Strip, bar, plate,

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